Protective Blue Light Blocking Optical Glasses

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These protective glasses help reduce the negative health effects that are caused by prolonged use of computer and tablet screens. Say goodbye to blue light and hello to healthier eyes & happier kids!

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Why kids need our protective opticall glasses?

  • Promotes a healthier sleep cycle
  • Helps alleviate headaches, dry eyes, and eye fatigue.
  • Non-prescription glasses that are super flexible & super durable.
  • One size fits kid's ages (3-11)


According to increasing amounts of scientific evidence, Blue Light is keeping your child up at night!

Blue light has repeatedly been found to suppress the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, causing children and adults to become overstimulated - resulting in difficulty falling asleep as well as a decline in the quality of sleep they do get.

Blue light is also known to cause headaches, dry eyes, eye strain, and even macular degeneration. With CalmOptics, you can say goodbye to the harmful effects of digital blue light! 


Healty eyes = happy kids!